Tweets – May 2009
May 31st, 2009 by Jessica

  • Finally rolling back into Phoenix. It’s been a long five days! 7:19 PM May 31st from web
  • Just saw TF:ROTF preview with intro by Michael Bay – in person!! Sweeeeet! 11:17 PM May 30th from web
  • Party at Paramount Studios. Got to meet Weird Al and get a pic w/him! Tyrese Gibson is here too! 9:49 PM May 30th from web
  • Got Peter Cullen, Weird Al and David Kaye autographs. Woohoo!!! 11:27 AM May 30th from mobile web
  • 90 mins to go, still 10th in line! Andrew’s in line for Weird Al’s autograph in another building. 8:53 AM May 30th from mobile web
  • In line 4 hrs early to get Peter Cullen’s autograph. Voice of Optimus Prime and Eeyore! 7:02 AM May 30th from mobile web
  • Sitting in line for the dealer room preview at Boton, opens in 2 hrs. I’m about 30th in line… 12:12 PM May 29th from mobile web
  • We are leaving for California in the morning. Botcon ’09, here we come! 7:24 PM May 26th from web
  • Just booked a flight for my Mom to come visit me in September. It’s been 10 years. I wonder what we will do while she’s here? 5:56 PM May 25th from web
  • Pics from our trip to Jerome: 5:37 PM May 24th from web
  • Pete’s was super yummy! Got lucky with another mom and pop restaurant. 1:36 PM May 24th from mobile web
  • Eating at a hole in the wall called Pete’s in Prescott. Hope the food is good! 1:09 PM May 24th from mobile web
  • Drove 2.5 hrs to photograph in Jerome and realized I left all my SD cards on my desk at home… 12:21 PM May 24th from mobile web
  • Paramore ROCKED! The Sounds were pretty good too. Concert was sold out – crazy crowds! 9:18 PM May 23rd from mobile web
  • In other news, we have tickets to see Paramore with No Doubt tonight at Cricket. Can’t wait for Paramore! Seen ND 3x already. 8:48 AM May 23rd from web
  • My in-laws are in Ireland and their house was broken into Wednesday night. We’ve been staying there since. Nothing seems to be missing. 8:47 AM May 23rd from web
  • Dabbling in true tilt-shift photography. Check out my best shot! 6:38 AM May 23rd from web
  • Hooray for finding great long lost friends on Facebook! Boo for spooky ex boyfriends finding ME on Facebook! 6:02 AM May 20th from web
  • Yay! My favorite star won on DWTS! I wonder if Mom got to see it in Dublin? 6:01 AM May 20th from web
  • Dang it.. Got to wait another hour to see DWTS “final” final show. Why must they play an encore of last night’s show? 7:09 PM May 19th from web
  • ROFLMAO at Advanced Cat Yodeling 3:40 PM May 18th from web
  • I don’t do well with having nothing to do. I feel so incredibly lazy and useless when there is no immediate goal. 2:54 PM May 17th from web
  • Mom and Dad FINALLY made it to Dublin, but the airport lost 1 of their 2 pieces of luggage. Arrggh! 2:23 PM May 16th from web
  • Yes, I’m bored. That means new pictures to view!… 2:01 PM May 16th from web
  • Trying to figure out what to do with the day. I feel so lazy!! 12:32 PM May 16th from web
  • Thier luggage went to Dublin without them. they plan to sit in the hotel and be angry, so I hear… 6:14 AM May 15th from mobile web
  • Should we go see NIN & Jane’s Addiction tomorrow? 110 degrees, outdoors in full sun. Dilemma, my friends! Dilemma. 7:41 PM May 14th from web
  • Mom and Dad flew out to Dublin this morning but they are stuck in Philly… 6:34 PM May 14th from web
  • I’ve been to 3 ASU commencements; all have been the lowest attended events I’ve ever seen. Figures that the President would speak this year! 8:38 PM May 13th from web
  • Just watched Obama’s speech at ASU’s commencement. I graduated 10 years ago (BS Management) and 1 year ago (MS Info Mgmt). How time flies! 8:37 PM May 13th from web
  • I have 63 messages in my inbox that are red-flagged as “action required.” I barely have enough time to decide what needs to be done! 8:32 AM May 13th from web
  • Sitting at work. There is so much to do I just can’t even focus! Job updates, processes to document, management issues.. My brain’s nuts! 9:08 AM May 12th from web
  • The key won’t come out of our car’s ignition. We can’t turn it off or lock it. I swear… If it’s not one thing, it’s ten others! 9:35 PM May 11th from web
  • Ugh… Monday’s approaching again… 9:46 PM May 10th from mobile web
  • Didn’t get tix for Jay Leno on May 28th. =( Has anyone done the studio tours in Burbank, CA? NBC, Universal, Warner Bros? 10:17 AM May 10th from web
  • Woohoo! I was drawn for two tickets to Antiques Roadshow here in Phoenix on August 1st. What should I take with me?? Oh, decisions… =) 9:44 AM May 10th from web
  • Had some Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Need to finish the coconut cake (made with 3 real coconuts!) and start the ham. Happy Mother’s Day! 9:38 AM May 10th from web
  • 10am… Pool’s ready! Just in time for it to creep to 108 degrees, on its way upwards. I think we’ll wait for the sun to go down! 10:10 AM May 9th from web
  • 6am Saturday morning… We’re putting up the summer pool on the patio before it gets too hot outside. It’s already 72 degrees! 6:15 AM May 9th from web
  • Trying to import songs into Lips for the Xbox 360. It’s not going so well. Very clunky. 8:09 PM May 8th from web
  • I physically cannot stand any more stress. I’ve surpassed my limit. 5:39 AM May 7th from web
  • The drain is 99% blocked in the “finished” shower. He must have got cement down it the last time he tried to fix the floor. AAARRRGGHHHH!! 5:38 AM May 7th from web
  • Getting ready to take a shower in our (finally) finished master shower. I just hope the grout stays down this time. 10:24 PM May 6th from web
  • Oh no! Lil’ Kim! How sad. =( 9:09 PM May 5th from web
  • Fiesta! Happy Cinco de Mayo! 5:59 AM May 5th from web
  • Preparing to upload my 30 second masterpiece declaring myself as the world’s Ultimate Transformers Fan… I hope I make it to the finals! 5:19 PM May 4th from web
  • Trying to add an MPG video to my iPod Touch. It lets me drag the video to the Movies screen with a plus sign, but doesn’t add it. Grrr! 5:55 AM May 4th from web
  • We completely de-fuzzed the house today. With four kitties, it takes a while. Had to empty the Dyson about 7 times! Lots of fur! 12:24 PM May 3rd from web
  • I need to find some way to relax. My stress levels are through the roof. 7:01 PM May 1st from mobile web
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