Remodeling the Bathrooms
May 30th, 2009 by Jessica

Early in 2009, Andrew and I decided it was time to remodel our bathrooms.  We had never done a remodeling project, and knew we could never do it ourselves.  We called in a few contractors to try and find someone to do the job for us.

We eventually picked one, and scheduled the work over Spring Break in early March.  We were told that the job would take 5 days.  Yeah.  Right.  That 5 days turned into 3 months, in a giant clusterf*ck of a nightmare remodeling job.  It was finally finished during Finals week in May.

I’m still so angry about the whole thing that I really don’t even want to blog about it.  I felt I had to, so 10 years from now we can look back and remember what a PITA the whole ordeal was.

Without too much detail, the contractor just kept screwing things up left and right.  Then the shower door company didn’t measure right.  Then the grout fell out and subfloor collapsed.  Then the cement was left to harden down the drain and clogged it up.  One thing after another after another – it was a horrible experience.

We are happy with our bathrooms now that they are complete.  But getting there – my goodness – NEVER again.

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