An Irish Robbery
May 21st, 2009 by Jessica


Busted Door

Mom and Dad (aka Karen and Jerry) booked a tour of Ireland with Aunt Barbara and Heather’s mother Mrs. Barcon.  They left for Philadelphia and ended up stranded for 36 hours due to missing their connecting flight.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, they were not allowed to access their luggage the entire time.  The trip started out horribly and didn’t get much better after that.

Andrew, Amy and I were charged with watching the house while they were away on vacation.  We had done this many times before, and so didn’t think much of it.  A few days after leaving, Amy went over to check up on the house.  She called us frantically from the front yard, saying the house had been robbed!  She called the police and we booked it over there as fast as we could.

The police were checking the house when we arrived on the scene.  Sure enough, the front door was bashed in.  In some crazy exhibit of fate, we discovered very few things were taken.  Lucky for them, all of their doors still deadbolt lock with a key from the inside, so the burglars were unable to open any of the doors.  Even the patio doors had locks, so they couldn’t go that way either.  The only exit was through their entrance, and nothing would fit through it with them.  No computer, no TV, nothing.  We determined they must have been kids, because they didn’t take anything obvious (GPS, purse, blank checks – all in plain view).

They clearly tried to take a small metal safe, and would have been immensely disappointed had they succeeded.  It only contained old school memorabilia from the kids.  Report cards, awards, art projects…  We are so lucky it wouldn’t fit through the door, because we are sure they would have been pitched in the garbage somewhere.

We had to call Mom and Dad in Ireland and tell them about the house.  It was a nerve-wrecking next few days.  We immediately went out and purchased a metal security door and attached it (in the rain) to the front of their house.  I fixed the wooden door the best I could.  Andrew, Amy and I both stayed there for the next few days until they came back from Ireland.  The police had advised us that likely, the criminals would return to the scene if the house were vacant again.  We didn’t want that to happen.

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