Dueling Flowers
May 4th, 2009 by Jessica

Argentine Giant Flowers

Argentine Giant Cactus Flowers

Today, I came home from work about 4:00pm to find that one of our Argentine Giant cactus plants had two blooms about to open.  It’s only bloomed twice before, and each time was a single bloom – so I knew I had to capture it.  It’s now or never!

The Argentine Giant only blooms about once per year and the flowers are only open for a few hours, usually late at night or in the very early morning.  This time, they were fully ready to be photographed at 8:30pm.  Thank goodness I just bought a remote flash transmitter for my Canon, or there is NO WAY I could have captured them.

Argentine Giant

Stamen of an Argentine Giant Flower

You can see this little fella gave me quite the workout trying to photograph; it’s blooming at the high point in the yard beyond the lowest part of our river bed, facing into the yard (of course).  Could it have BEEN any harder to capture these shots?

Argentine Giant

Our Front Yard at Night

The flowers are huge – easily as big as my wide open hand.  They are soft and very beautiful.  The petals are always white with burgandy reverse, and the centers are bright yellow.  They have this strange hand-like stamen reaching out of the center.  I know I’m clueless when it comes to the anatomy of a flower, but I can sure appreciate it.  This flower is gorgeous.

See more of my macro flowers on Flickr.

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