To All Sirius XM Customers
April 11th, 2009 by Jessica

I decided after four years of XM radio (now called Sirius XM) that I no longer needed the service. I have a new iPod Touch and we primarily use Andrew’s car for commuting, so it wasn’t getting used that much. They jacked up the price to $146 per year, so it seemed like a good time to cancel.

I called Sirius XM to cancel my subscription. First, they tried to talk me out of it. Then, they offered me the year’s subscription at half price, about $77. I said no thanks. Then, they offered me six months for half of that price, or about $38. I said no thanks. Then, they offered me three months of free service just to stay on as a subscriber. I said no thanks. After a final hoorah of attempting to get me to stay on as a customer, they finally allowed me to cancel my account.

I tell you this so when you get your renewal notice, call to try and cancel. They just might offer you the same thing at half price. Good luck!

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