Bathroom Remodeling
March 17th, 2009 by Jessica

Andrew and I decided to combine Uncle Sam’s refund with our savings and remodel the bathrooms this year.  We’ve lived in our “new” house since September 2001, and the bathrooms still had all the original fixtures and surfaces.  They were getting pretty disgusting – especially the shower basin.  We just could not get it clean, no matter what we tried.

We found a local contractor and picked out new field tile, floor tile and glass accent tile.  We then picked out new shower heads, handles, tub fillers and faucets, all in brushed nickel. We went fairly inexpensive with the fixtures, knowing how the Arizona hard water chews through them so fast.  We would rather replace them frequently then buy really expensive ones that are going to look terrible in just a few years.

We also had to order a new shower door.  We chose a completely frameless style which was a big chunk of our budget, but I think it will look great when it’s all in place.  It’s the same kind of doors I’ve seen in the fanciest Vegas hotels and spas, and I’ve always liked the look of the frameless showers.

For the guest bath, we did all of the changes ourselves.  We replaced the main square mirror with a 30″ round.  We replaced the gold ball accent light with a pretty mushroom shaped white flush mount.  We replaced all of the fixtures to match the ones going into the master bath. We also changed out all of the artwork and went towards a tropical Hawaiian theme with deep oranges, yellows and golds.  The accent colors are blue/green beach hues.

The biggest change is probably the new shower curtain rod, which is bowed outward and provides a lot more space in the shower/tub combo.  Since we’re going to be using it for the next 2 weeks until our shower door comes in, I really needed more space.  We might have used that shower 3-4 times since we have moved into the house, so I never gave it a second thought.

In the master bedroom, the biggest change will be an increase in the size of our shower.  We have a separate tub and shower.  The existing shower is 30×30, which is incredibly tiny.  We are increasing the depth to 42″, and the width to about 35″ above the pony wall.  The bottom will remain at 30″ wide, but the upper half should be a bit bigger.  Hopefully it will be just big enough to make the shower comfortable to move around in.

The master bathtub will remain as it is a deep soaking tub, and we couldn’t find a better tub to put in its place.  The main problem is that it is only 5 ‘ in length, and we can’t make it any longer.  We didn’t want to remove it, or the house would technically become “3 bedroom 1 3/4 bath” instead of “3 bedroom 2 bath”.  For resale, we didn’t want to take that hit.  Besides, the tub would be great for kids or for a smaller adult to enjoy.  It just doesn’t do much for me or Andrew.

I’ll be sure to post pictures before and after when it’s all said and done.  Until then, I’ll be plugging my ears due to all of the banging, drilling, soldering and wet saw action.

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