Optimus Prime Cake
June 26th, 2007 by Jessica

Andrew and I spent last weekend creating an Optimus Prime cake in celebration of the new Transformers movie that opens July 2nd. Andrew already has a ticket for the first show! Alas, I’ll be in class that night, and will need to see it with him the following day. You can see more pictures and video on his website.

For those of you who are interested (or just plain insane?) and might like to try this yourself, I offer you a basic rundown of the creation below. Note, I recommend at least a fair amount of baking and fondant experience prior to attempting this project. We are certainly classified as amatuers in the cake arena, but it was a fun project nonetheless. Yeah, so the tires are flat. You try making tires out of cake and fondant! (Send me pictures, if you do!)

Optimus Prime Cake

Goal: Bring Optimus Prime to Life

Model: 1984 Optimus Prime Transformer
Scale: 1:3.2
Cost: $85.00
Planning Time: 4 hours (1 amatuer planner)
Baking Time: 22 hours (2 amatuer bakers)


  • 9 8″ square white cakes, baked and frozen
  • 3 batches of buttercream icing
  • 5 pounds of white fondant
  • 1 bag Oreo cookies
  • 5 12″ dowel rods
  • 3 cans black color mist
  • 2 cans red color mist
  • 1 can blue color mist
  • 2 bottles silver luster dust
  • 1/2 cup clear vodka
  • 4 13×19 cake boards
  • 4 feet thin silver wire
  • 1 pack edible ink writers


  • electric carving knife
  • dough scraper/cutter
  • paint brush
  • icing spatula
  • cake leveler
  • circle cookie cutter
  • lazy susan
  • tiny bowls for silver paint
  • rolling cutter
  • exacto knife
  • yellow electrical tape (optional)
  • lots of space in your freezer
  • endless patience
  • good shoes (for standing in the kitchen)

Basic Directions



Step 1 Bake all 9 of the 8″ square cakes, leaving out 1/4 cup of water each to make them more dense, and freeze in multiple layers of plastic wrap
Step 3
Cab – Level and stack 3 pairs (6 cakes total) with dowels and boards in between, cutting out the front wheel wells – this part is the trickiest!

Bed – Level and stack 1 pair (1 cake in half) on a board

Tail Lights – Level and stack cake pieces from the 8th cake to form feet/tail lights

20070627_step6.jpg Crumb coat everything and freezeIce each piece again so fondant can stick
20070627_step8.jpg Roll and apply fondant to each of the pieces – the Cab, the Bed the Tail lights, and all six wheels
20070627_step10.jpg Cut window shapes out of the cab – be careful, you’ll need to put them back later
Use cutter, knife and other tools to create markings on the side of the cab and the back of the tail lights

Use fondant to mold roof accents and attach with clear vanilla extract and a paint brush

Spray the pieces – Cab is red, Bed is blue, Tail lights are blue, windows and wheels are black (Hint: spray black twice under the blue to make it darker)

Use fondant to mold roof accents, grill, bumper, headlights, icons, and exhaust stacks (wrapped around dowels for stability); freeze for easier handling

20070627_step14.jpg Use Oreo cookie pieces, discarding (or eating!) the center creme – stick 10 cookie sides together with royal icing and paint silver, then freeze to harden
Paint the miscellaneous pieces to match the toy’s various details with silver luster, red and black markers

Cover one 13×19 cake board with aluminum foil and use yellow tape to make lane markings (optional)

Place the pieces together on the large cake board – you might use a second 13×19 cake board underneath for added strength

20070627_step16.jpg Use stiffened buttercream to attach the pieces to the cab, and the wire to help hold on the exhaust stacks
20070627_step19.jpg Complete any final touches, then take pictures and show all your friends how much of a geek you are!
20070627_step20.jpg Eat cake (yum!)

So there you have it. Please, promise me if you try this cake (or anything like it) that you’ll send me a picture! I’d love to see your work of art.

You can find the spreadsheet calculations, the photos and step-by-step instructions for the Optimus Prime cake here:

Good luck!

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