December: A Month of Mixed Emotions
December 25th, 2006 by Jessica

I haven’t blogged too much in the month of December. I figured I owe it to you at least to explain a little more on why that might be. Actually, the more I think of it, it’s been since before Thanksgiving huh?

November 23rd – Thanksgiving at Aunt Barbara’s house. The day was overall uneventful, although some of the family gathered together. Uncle Cecil was there and met Mason (Amy’s fiance) for the first time. We announced Amy’s engagement to the family.

November 27-December 1 – I spent this week in training for HP Openview Operations for Windows from home. The class was spectacular and I learned a ton of stuff to take back and implement at work.

November 29-December 5 – Andrew went to Orlando with his parents for a trip to Disney World. The three had a nice time taking in all the sights. He says not much has changed since our wedding there nearly 5 years ago.

December 3-8 – I traveled to Las Vegas for the Storage Decisions 2006 conference. Again, I learned so much that I am eager to implement back at work about backups, SAN architecture, security, archiving and more. It was a nice conference.

December 9 – I met Andrew, Mom, Dad, Amy and Mason in Sedona for an ATV Adventure Tour of the red rocks. It was so much fun to go four-wheeling in the brush and washes of the desert! Unfortunately I was last of six, so by the break time I had a perfect dirt moustache. When we returned to the hotel, my sister called to tell me that my mother’s companion had passed away while we were on the tour.

December 10 – We returned to Phoenix so I could do laundry and pack my bags to hop a flight to Michigan the next day.

December 11-16 – I flew into Saginaw and rushed up to be with my mother. We tried to occupy our time by slowly taking care of items (like reading the will, calling insurance companies, taking account of finances, etc) and also I tried to help her calm down a bit. We laid Bruce Struble to rest on Friday, December 15th. It was a very hard week for Mom, and continues to be painful I’m sure. Unfortunately since I was out of work for almost a month at this point, I had to go back home.

December 16-17 – I stopped in to see my DaD, Karen and my brother Noah overnight before my flight. It was really good to see them, even for such a short while. Noah is growing up so fast! At 3 years and 1 month, he’s almost like a tiny adult who is kind, considerate, funny, happy and loves to play. What a cutie!

December 17-18 – I returned to Phoenix to find Andrew with a horrendous case of food poisoning. The poor sweetheart – he was sicker than I’ve ever seen him in the 10 years we’ve been together. He spent the next 48 hours in extreme pain and exhaustion. I returned to work but left early to help care for him.

December 19 – Andrew celebrates his 30th birthday recovering from food poisoning. We woke up to a phone call that Uncle Cecil passed away just minutes before midnight (December 18, 2006). With that sad news, we go to work all day, and hardly anyone remembers it’s Andrew’s birthday. He didn’t even feel up to going out with the family (in fact, we still haven’t gone out to celebrate). I got him an Xbox 360 with all the perks. He seems to be liking that, anyway.

December 20-21 – Work as usual. I take a midterm for Theater 210 and barely get a B on it. I just simply could not concentrate with all that happened. I also completed the photo tribute boards for Uncle Cecil’s service.

December 22 – Uncle Cecil’s service takes place at Valley of the Sun Mortuary in Chandler. The house is packed full with over 100 visitors. It was an extremely emotional service. I’m sure his wife and 13-year old daughter will miss him dearly. He had a very long battle with cancer, same as Bruce (my mom’s companion).

December 23-24 – We tried to relax during these days, and shake off all the recent deaths and bad news. Andrew played his Xbox and I took the time to work on some VHS transfers and video/DVD editing. Our friends Leisa and Cuinn came over to play some Monopoly and relax a bit.

December 25 – Christmas day. I woke up with severe cramps and a really hard-hitting sore throat. Apparently I have a head cold, to go with my cramps. =( My mother was first to call and wish us a Merry Christmas. She also let me know that her sister, my Aunt Sandy, was found dead at her home this morning. We don’t know how long she was there, as she lived alone and had no children. Her close friend found her and called my Aunt Rose. What a horrible way to die; alone in your house and nobody finds you for days. I feel so saddened by this news. I didn’t know Aunt Sandy very well; she was very helpful with my genealogy research though. She spent hours one day telling me all about the family, how things were back in the 1940’s and 50’s at my Mom’s childhood home, and filled in lots of details about the ancestry. She was such a nice woman to me; it’s a shame I couldn’t have known her better.

That pretty much brings us up to speed. If you were wondering why I didn’t write much this month, I’m sure you are no longer wondering.

I hope this holiday brings you more joy, less sorrow, and a little more happiness than sadness.

Hugs to my friends and family,

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