Halloween 2006: Flaming Pumpkins
October 31st, 2006 by Jessica

Flaming PumpkinWe decided that if we couldn’t have our Flaming Pumpkindecorations back, that the next best thing was to torch our pumpkins. They were a huge hit with everyone who stopped by.

Only a few kids got a little too close to the pumpkins for our comfort. Most of them appreciated the danger of a three foot flaming pumpkin.

Flaming PumpkinThe video is pretty cool but the photographs are amazing… Flaming Pumpkin(If I might say so, trying to be modest here…) Flaming pumpkins are an awfully sweet subject to photograph. The devil pumpkin is mine, with yellow squash as horns. Andrew’s pumpkin is a bit smaller than mine and much more simplistic in the carving.

I’d like to thank for the flaming pumpkin idea. It was awesome! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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