October 29th, 2004 by Jessica

Or should that be, TSIF? I woke up with the devil next to me this morning. He got up and took a shower… and asked me to help him glue on his horns. (Tries adamantly to stifle the “Do I make you horny, baby?” comments…)

You guessed it… My husband went to work today as Satan. I won’t give away too much because I want the guys at work to be surprised. I’ll post a picture after everyone sees him.

In other news, Miss Kitty is still with us. She’s hanging out in the backyard, waiting for us to let her in. I feel so terrible because it’s like 50 degrees here (freezing for AZ) and she’s still purring, purring purring. I wish she would go home, or that her owner would call and claim her.

We still have a bit of work to do on the Haunted Maze in the garage. We’ve been working on it now for about 6 weeks, and have the walls up and much of the torn bags and stuff. We hung the limbs a few days ago, and I’ve been putting up words for the blacklites. We just need to work on the outdoor section where I’ll be sitting (it’s been raining though, so we aren’t able to) and fill in the empty spots inside where there is nothing spooky.

Thanks to William for the heartbeat sound. It’s perfect!

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