What’s in a name?
June 21st, 2004 by Jessica

You might think I mistyped the name of this blog, but I didn’t. I called it Random Mews on purpose. My husband Andrew and I have three male cats named Olly (age 5), Cheetoe (age 3) and Tumbleweed (age 1). Little Tumbles, as he is affectionately called, walks around the house meowing at random. He talks and talks and talks, all day long.

He gets especially loud and obnoxious when the second person arrives home. Irregardless of whether it’s Andrew or me, no matter what time of day, whomever comes home second seems to get the brunt of his meowness. Maybe he is bored of playing with the person inside the house. Maybe he thinks the new person will give him kitty treats. Maybe he just thinks that whomever is in the kitchen is the most likely candidate to take the yardstick and fish out his mice from under the stove and the refridgerator.

Whatever the reason, Tumbles meows so loud and so much that it drives us crazy. I figured that would be a good name for the blog, since whatever it is that I happen to be typing here will be me, complaining loudly about something at random, and it usually doesn’t matter what it is about or whom it is directed to. I suppose just, whomever will listen. Just like Tumbles.

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